Red Dead Online Is Giving Away the Rich Package of Explorer Stocks


This week, Red Dead Online will reward the more adventurous players of the Wild West. All those who manage to complete a total of 10 daily challenges by July 16th will receive the packet of explorer stocks, full of extremely useful articles.

The package contains 60 Poisoned Arrows, which are normally made using arrows, feathers and oleander after obtaining the appropriate recipe, 100 cartridges for a Varmint rifle barrel, designed for hunting small game. Other items included include Thyme, Country Mint and Oregano (to enhance Dead Eye, Health and Resistance respectively), top-quality beef fillet and soft pork loin. With these ingredients, it is possible to make healthy meals and get a temporary golden core. The package also includes Crickets and Worms alive, useful for fishing, and 5 jars of Jolly Jack’s, which completely restores the Dead Eye and strengthens it slightly.

In the Wheeler catalogue, Rawson and Co, meanwhile, arrived the Durham overcoat, a machine-stitched double-breasted in its red variant, and the Riggs fringed overcoat. There are also limited-time offers on items like the Cossack Hat and Gardenie Hat.

We take the opportunity to remind you that all players who will link their Social Club account to their Twitch Prime account by July 19 will receive a gift of 300 RDO $ and the Upper Ammunition Bundle, which includes:

  • 30 Explosive arrows
  • 60 Palletoni incendiary
  • 30 Unstable incendiary bottles
  • 200 Express cartridges for guns
  • 200 Express cartridges for revolvers
  • 200 Express cartridges for repeating weapons
  • 200 Express cartridges for rifled shotguns