Shigeru Miyamoto: Making Adventure Games Is Increasingly Difficult

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During a recent Q&A session with investors published on the Nintendo of Japan website, Shigeru Miyamoto talked about the development of adventure games, stating that today it is increasingly difficult to develop productions of this type.

” We have developed The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild for Switch and we are working on its sequel, yet producing this kind of experience is increasingly complex, ” Miyamoto begins, who in support of his thesis mentions the ever-increasing localization costs and adaptation :

” I have been creating adventure games for over thirty years, starting with Mukashibanashi Shin Onigashima for Famicom, but today it is not easy to produce such large-scale games. Think of localization, a modern video game is translated into more than ten languages ​​and costs associated with dubbing and translation of texts can grow out of all proportion to become unsustainable. “

Mario and Link’s father cites successful examples such as Ace Attorney and Professor Layton, two Japanese series that have been able to renew themselves over the years, always remaining on the crest of the wave, but these are sporadic cases in the Japanese market, geared towards games easier to develop and cheaper to produce.