Stadia Multiplayer: Google Provides New Information on the Subject

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Google Stadia is a new video game project designed by the Google team, which aims to offer users a streaming gaming experience on different devices.

During the Stadia Connect held in the days prior to the opening of E3 2019, the Company officially presented the first information on the line-up, launch date and price of the Stadia service. Now, new details relating to the multiplayer features of Google Stadia emerge following an update of the FAQ section dedicated to the platform. 

The Google team confirms that the service will include multiplayer titles and ensures that they are “working every day with multiple publishers and developers to bring the best games to Stadia”. For more details, users are invited to wait for further updates. As for the number of users who can simultaneously play on a Stadia title, of course, this will depend on the nature of the game itself. However, an interesting detail is provided: it is announced that a Stadia account will support up to four Stadia controllers, which can, therefore, be used during local multiplayer sessions.

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