Starter Evolutions in Pokemon Sword and Shield: Announcement of the Gigamax Brings Back a Rumor

Pokemon Sword and Shield

During the afternoon of Monday 8 July, Nintendo and Game Freak presented to the public several news related to Pokemon Sword and Shield, including the new Challenge of the Gyms and Champion Cup and the new feature Gigamax.

The latter reveal has prompted part of the community linked to the brand to bring its attention back to a rumor that appeared in 4chan during the month of May. Inside it was in fact correctly referring to the presence within the game of a function called Gigamax, different from Dynamax. This element has led users to learn more about the contents contained within the potential leak, including some references to a third Legendary Pokemon and the possible evolution of Pokemon Spada and Shield starters. 

In particular, here are the details reported by the anomalous user:

  • Sobble: the water starter would evolve into Sizzile, while its third evolution would take the name of Intelleon, defined as a sort of “spy-shaped chameleon” ;
  • Scorbunny: the fire starter would have Raboot as an intermediate evolution, while the user indicates not to remember the name of the next one;
  • Grookey: no alleged names of the grass starter’s evolutions are reported, but it should be noted that the final shape will have the appearance of a giant gorilla that uses a “wood drum” to attack, which we could translate as a “barrel /drum/barrel of wood “ ;

As usual, we remind you that rumors and leaks are not official sources: to find out what the three tender creatures of Galar are going to evolve we can’t wait for news from Nintendo and Game Freak! For now, do you already have a favorite starter?