Steam Gives a Free Game to 5,000 Users Who Took Part in the Grand Prix!

Prototype, Ride 2 and Steep Among the Offers of the Steam Week

During the last days of June Steam launched the Steam Grand Prix initiative, a special initiative dedicated to users of the platform.

Through the Steam Grand Prix, in fact, gamers have been offered the possibility of being the subject of a special gift: a game that is part of their wish list on Steam. However, the competition rules turned out to be rather complex and led several players to misunderstand their exact functioning. As a result, Valve subsequently apologized for the misunderstandings caused by the Steam Grand Prix event and made some changes to the initiative.

Now, however, further updates are coming, with the platform that has decided to launch a further initiative to reward users who have taken part in the event. Thanking for the participation, Steam published an interesting update, announcing that “As an extra gift for those who participated, we randomly selected 5,000 users who contributed to any of the Steam Grand Prix teams, to receive the favorite game from their Wish List”. The lucky gamers will receive their gift within a period of 48 hours from the end of the Steam Grand Prix initiative.