Stranger Things 3 The Game: How to Unlock All the Characters

Stranger Things 3 the Game

The Stranger Things 3 The Game roster includes 12 characters, each with particular abilities. In this mini-guide, we explain how to unlock them all, so you can use them in the course of the adventure.

Each character on the roster has special moves and weapons. By combining their different skills on the battlefield, you will be able to face and overcome even the most challenging challenges. Below we explain how to get all the characters on the roster.

How to unlock all the characters in Stranger Things 3: The Game

Mike is available at the beginning of the game.

Lucas is another character available at the beginning of the game.

Complete the Radar Love main story mission.

After completing Radar Love, return to Mike’s shelter for the mission. Talk to Will, he will tell you that Nancy is looking for you. Complete his assignment to unlock it.

After recruiting Nancy and doing the coffee quest, you will unlock Jonathan.

After leaving the farm and taking the old lady to the hospital, you will automatically return to the basement. Once there, talk to Max to have her join the party.

After unlocking Max, go to Hopper’s cabin. Talk to Eleven to join the team.

After unlocking Eleven, the main story takes you around the city before heading to the Hawkins lab. First, you will talk to Joyce, so that she can join you.

Immediately after unlocking Joyce, she will ask to speak to Hopper. Once you talk to him, Hopper will join the party.

After completing the mission at the Hawkins lab you will return to Mike’s basement. Here Will will ask you to find the D&D character sheets. Once you’ve found them all, Will will join your team.

Erica will join you after you complete the mission of the Scoops troop story.

Towards the end of the Scoop Troop mission, you will have to save Steve. Once you have saved him, Steve will join the party.