Super Nintendo World: Some Leak Images of the Theme Park Emerge on the Net

Super Nintendo World

To the delight of all fans of theme parks and Nintendo brands, the Kyoto House is currently engaged in the creation of a Super Nintendo World in the USA.

In particular, the new amusement park will find its place inside the Universal Studios in Orlando, thanks to a collaboration between the latter and Nintendo. As expected, around the expected project there is a high curiosity, which is now increasing following the emergence on the net of some alleged leak images, which would partially reveal the structure of Super Nintendo World. These last ones have been spread on Twitter and you can therefore easily see them through the twitter that you find directly at the bottom of this news. Obviously, we remind you that these are not official sources and therefore the images shown may prove to be untrue.

The US one, however, is not the only project of its kind at the Grande N. In June 2017, in fact, the Kyoto House announced the start of construction of a Super Nintendo World in Japan, thanks in this case to a collaboration with Universal Studios Japan. The opening date of the Japanese Super Nintendo World has not yet been made official, but Nintendo is aiming for inauguration in time for the start of the 2020 edition of the Olympic Games, which will be held in Japan.