The First God of War Should Have Been Called Dark Odyssey

God Of War Creator

After unveiling the first name of Kratos (Dominus), Stig Asmussen (now at work on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order) has revealed other details about the origins of God of War and in particular the title chosen by Sony Santa Monica.

In 2004 the Californian studio had chosen Dark Odyssey as the official name of the game, a title that ” everyone agreed, except the marketing department “, as stated by Asmussen in a recent interview published on the pages of GameInformer USA. After several confrontations with the Sony advertising department, it was decided to opt for God of War while Dominus was renamed Kratos. Among the possible alternatives for the name of the protagonist, also “Stig”, inserted in the database by mistake as a joke to the same Stig Asmussen.

Since 2005, God of War has become one of the most iconic sagas in the PlayStation world thanks to three main episodes (God of War, God of War II and God of War III), the new chapter of 2018 (God of War for PS4), a prequel (God of War Ascension) and two spin-offs for PSP (God of War Chains of Olympus and The Phantom of Sparta). For the future, Sony Santa Monica has not yet announced anything certain but for some time there has been talking of a possible God of War 2 for PS5 under development.