The Witcher 3: Created a Nintendo Switch Dedicated to Gaming!

The Witcher 3

During E3 2019, Nintendo Direct broadcast on the occasion of the Los Angeles fair has officially announced the arrival of THe Witcher 3 Wild Hunt on Nintendo Switch with a first trailer.

The news made the happiness of many gamers, who can’t wait to be able to take on the role of the charismatic Geralt of Rivia also on the hybrid console. However, one user, in particular, seems to have been exceptionally pleased with the announcement, so much so that he decided to completely transform his Nintendo Switch. The Redditer “Lestats-Mods-com” has in fact modified the console of the Grande N, thus creating a real “The Witcher 3 Edition”. In particular, changes have been made to both the Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con docks. The result, it must be admitted, is quite remarkable! You can check this out for yourself via the posts published by the skilled videogamer on Reddit, within which this special console is immortalized. What do you say, do you like it?

We remind you that the Nintendo Switch version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is today without a specific publication date. However, the publication of the game is expected during 2019. Porting is carried out by the Saber Interactive team, which works closely with CD Projekt RED. The latter has recently mentioned the possible implementation of some touch commands in the post-launch phase.

Switcher dock it complete! from witcher

Portable switch Dock. Witcher ready… from witcher