Twitch, Dr. Disrespect Returns in Live and Causes Ninja on the Number of Subscribers

Dr. Disrespect Spotted at the NBA Finals.. in Stage Costume

Among the most famous faces of the Twitch universe, we find the known streamer with the nickname of ” Dr. Disrespect “, recently returned live after a period of inactivity caused by a ban received from the platform.

The return to activity of the streamer represented an opportunity to emphasize the breadth and extent of its audience. During life, in fact, Dr. Disrespect pointed out that, despite having been active on Twitch for only about thirty minutes during the past month, his number of subscriptions is already higher than that of Ninja.

As expected, the affirmation immediately had wide resonance within the Twitch community and came to the ears of the star Tyler Bevin, aka “Ninja”. The equally well-known active face on the platform replied to his colleague’s statements, pointing out that, in truth, he also did not make any streaming over the previous two weeks.

Tyler “Ninja” Bevin certainly represents one of the most popular faces in the vast Twitch community, known to the general public above all for its frequent activity on the title of Epic Games, Fortnite: Battaglia Reale.