Will Nintendo Switch Mini Support 1080p on the Go and Have a Long Battery Life?

Nintendo Switch Mini

For some time, rumors have been chasing after Nintendo Switch Mini and various companies already have cases, protective glasses, bags, and other accessories for a console not yet announced. The reveal could be imminent, meanwhile, Tirias analyst Jim McGregor tries to hypothesize the technical specifications of the platform.

In a recent article published in Forbes, McGregor states that ” Nintendo Switch Mini will take advantage of the new version of the NVIDIA Tegra processor with support for 1080p in mobile mode, furthermore the optimization of the CPU will also guarantee greater autonomy, as well as the integrated controls directly in the console, instead of Joy-Con style stoppers. “

It is not clear what the analyst’s sources are, but usually, Tirias Research works closely with companies related to the world of consumer electronics, the information reported by McGregor could, therefore, come from companies linked in some way to the production and development of Nintendo Switch Mini.

The house Kyoto for its part has merely stated that ” the company is constantly developing new hardware “, without confirming the existence of Mini Switch, instead of against it was announced the start of work on a next-generation controller intended to unspecified platforms.

In any case, the existence of numerous accessories made by third-party companies would suggest a rather close announcement and relative launch over time. Will we know more during the summer?