A Destiny 2 Leak May Have Anticipated the Return of the Gjallarhorn

Destiny 2 Leak

19 September 2014. If you are a Destiny fan of the first hour, then surely you will remember what happened that day. Good old Xur landed on the Tower of the Last City for the second time in his career, bringing with him a beautiful rocket launcher with a golden wolf’s headset on its top, called Gjallarhorn.

No one at the time could imagine how powerful he was. Most Destiny players did not own the 17 strange coins required for their purchase. Someone totally ignored him, preferring the other items for sale. The few who managed to buy it, however, found themselves in the hands of an exotic rocket launcher with incredible power, which soon would become the symbol weapon of the entire game, the most coveted ever by the community, fundamental to have the better in endless clashes against Atheon and Crota.

The last time we saw it was in 2016, when its variant Anno 3 (which could also be transformed into Iron Gjallarhorn ), was awarded as a prize for the Echoes of the Past of Expansion mission Destiny Lords of Iron. Since then he has not shown himself since Bungie has decided to exclude him from the second chapter of the series.

Well, according to the most optimistic players, the Gjallarhorn could soon make his return. Analyzing the Destiny 2 backend, the data miners have discovered some information regarding upcoming content. In addition to the Moments of Triumph, there are obvious references to the Solar Week, an event currently not included in the Wealth Season calendar. It will probably take place before the release of the Shadows from the Deep expansion and will follow in the structure the Arch Week held in April, which brought back the powerful machine gun Lord of Thunder. What has attracted the most attention is the description of a quest that seems to revolve around the recovery of the lost components of a rocket launcher. Whether it is the Gjallarhorn itself? After all, the famous weapon is just Solar and was introduced in Year 1 of the progenitor exactly as the Lord of Thunder.

To be precise, in the first chapter there was also another exotic solar-type rocket launcher, namely the Breath of the Dragon. Destiny 2 players, however, like to dream of the return of the Gjallarhorn. After all, who would not like to reuse it in the battle to unleash his “Projection of the pack”, which stubbornly pursue their opponents leaving them relentlessly?