Apex Legends: Here Is the First Team Elected “Predator” in the Competitive

Apex Legends: A Developer Responds to Criticism and Anticipates New Content

As you well know by now, with the arrival of Season 2 of Apex Legends an interesting competitive mode has also made its debut, which allows fighters to demonstrate their skills in the arena and increase in rank based on their performance.

In the last hours, an image has appeared on the official Twitter profile of the game that shows the first group of three players to have reached the degree of Apex Predator, or the maximum level of this complex game mode. This is a company of no small importance since many players around the world are struggling to reach this level, despite the considerable skills involved. It seems almost useless to say that each team member is not a casual player but it is three different members of the professional team called Sentinels, to be precise zombs, OXE, and retzi.

In case you didn’t know, among the other new features of Apex Season 2 we find the new heroine Wattson, the legendary L-Star machine gun and a battle pass full of objects to be unlocked through daily and weekly challenges.

Before leaving you to the tweet, we remind you that Apex Legends is falling on Twitch and the little interest from the users of the streaming platform could be the cause of the collapse of EA shares.