Blair Witch: The Gameplay Will Include Time Rings and Fights

Blair Witch

Interviewed by the editors of Bloody Disgusting, Barbara Kciuk and Maciej Glomb of the Bloober Team discussed the gameplay and the story of Blair Witch’s horror video game confirming the presence of fights and time loops.

According to reports from Narrative Designer Kciuk, as suggested by the reveal trailer for Blair Witch of E3 2019 there will be some time rings but “however, without ruining anything, let me say that they are not loops in the style of Ricomincio da capo (hilarious comedy of 1993 with Bill Murray, ed . ) I am not there to help you improve your situation at the end of the game. We will use them in Blair Witch to give life to much more sinister situations. 

As far as the combat system is concerned , the developer Glomb underlines the fact that Blair Witch will be the first game of the company to have active sessions, unlike what was experienced in the dark tinted universes of Layers of Fear and Observer: “All this certainly changes the gaming experience, but I wouldn’t say it represents such a drastic change. We believe that to make a really scary horror adventure you have to make players feel vulnerable. What we want to do is diversify the gameplay mechanics. We have already experimented with sequences of chases and stealth phases but with Blair Witch we want to finally offer you the opportunity to defend yourself. Having said that, let’s try to design it in such a way as to make you feel as if you were the prey, not hunters.

The witch hunt and the murdering ghosts of Blair Witch will officially start on August 30th, coinciding with the release of the title on PC and in exclusive console on Xbox One: Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to download it “for free” from the day launch. The Bloober Team horror adventure could also land on PS4 and Nintendo Switch later.