Borderlands 3: Here’s How the Twitch Extension Will Work to Get Free Loot

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During the GuardianCon, the authors of Gearbox not only presented the Ping function of Borderlands 3 and the new Duel mode but also illustrated in detail the ECHOcast extension system on Twitch with which to obtain weapons and free objects in the game.

Shown for the first time in May, the second version of ECHOcast includes support for mobile devices and allows subscribers to the most famous videogame streaming channel in the world to get free in-game loot by participating in events that will be activated, in fact, only participating or assisting in a live broadcast on Twitch dedicated to Borderlands 3.

One of these additional features of the ECHOcast extension will have to do with the beautiful Moxxi and with the possibility, for the fans of the series, to spend Bit of Twitch to buy cocktails to serve digitally to the characters of the game: in this way, it will stay with the spectators to decide the ingredients of the cocktails and, therefore, the positive and negative effects to be imposed on the Hunters of the Crypt.

Thanks to the new Badass Viewer event, moreover, we will be able to generate a particularly difficult enemy and watch the streamer fight with this frightening creature that, moreover, will have the name of the one who will deploy it in battle and take an attitude based on a practical vote. The authors of Gearbox then plan to create new timed events and integrate additional features with which to make the streamer’s sharing of Twitch gaming experience even more fun, thus fueling the interest of the community thanks to the possibility of receiving rare loot and special equipment.

The new version of ECHOcast’s Twitch extension will debut at the launch of Borderlands 3, scheduled for the upcoming Sept. 13 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.