COD Black Ops 4: Apocalypse Z Operation Available on ps4, All the News

COD Apocalypse

As promised, in the past Activision and Treyarch have made available the new update of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Operation Apocalypse Z, on PlayStation 4. The news is many and involve all the components of the production. As usual, Xbox One and PC players will have to wait an extra week.

To begin with, in the Multiplayer mode Reaper made his debut , an experimental war robot armed with the Scythe heavy machine gun, which produces a barrier effect on the enemies it targets, and equipped with Radar Shroud, a versatile jammer usable to prevent to the enemies to use the mini-map information when they are within its reach.

The owners of the Black Ops Pass now have three additional multiplayer maps, two with a zombie theme and one from the first Black Ops in a remodeled version: Der Schatten , a village in the shadow of Griffin Castle (from “Der Eisendrache”), where a giant robot suffered a loss of element 115; Remnant , a museum located in the swamps of Louisiana that has recently acquired a singular relic of the past still thirsty for blood; Havana , an original Black Ops map in which the Cold War has caused havoc in a revolutionary city.

Blackout players, for their part, must say goodbye to the clear and sunny sky to welcome a scenario that is a prelude to the zombie apocalypse. The environmental modifications of Blackout and Zombi secrets are divided into two types of maps: the limited-time Quad playlist Haunting Fog and the main Blackout modes (Solo, Duo, Quad). The first has a fog that affects the action of the game, forcing players to invent new strategies to reach the final Collapse mission. Blackout’s main maps, on the other hand, will include Zombie-inspired themes, but without the fog.

Black Ops Pass holders can also access the penultimate chapter of the Aether story in the new Zombie Alpha Omega experience. For the first time, they will be able to play either as Primis or Ultimis characters. Below is a summary with the main contents introduced, while for a more detailed overview we refer to the official Activision blog.

COD Black Ops 4: Apocalypse