Dauntless: Fortune & Glory Is Coming, the New Pirate-Based Season


The current Dauntless season is coming to an end and, with a long post published on the game’s official website, Phoenix Labs has officially unveiled all the details regarding the upcoming season, entitled Fortune & Glory.

In addition to a new seasonal pass full of aesthetic objects that will allow you to turn your hunter into a real pirate, a new and substantial update is about to arrive that will introduce various novelties. Among these, we find a bulletin board inside which the names of the players with the best scores in the weekly challenges and the arrival of the smollusk will be marked, the first minor enemies of the game that, during a fight with a Behemoth, could give you more than one headache.

The arrival of the new season of the game is scheduled for next Tuesday, July 16, 2019and, as always, all new content except the premium version of the season pass will be completely free. If you didn’t know, the game can be downloaded and played at no additional cost on PCs, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, platforms on which it enjoys cross-save and cross-play support.

Did you know that Dauntless has exceeded 10 million players? Twitch Prime subscribers can also download Dauntless’s Desperado package.