Destiny 2 Does Not Work on the Ryzen 3000 CPU: AMD and Bungie Work to Solve the Problem

Destiny 2: Bungie Will Reveal the First Details on Year 3 Next Week

The AMD representatives report that they are working with the Bungie developers to resolve the problem with Destiny 2 to buyers of the brand new Ryzen 3000 CPU as soon as possible.

With a message addressed to all the Guardians who eagerly await to exploit the computational power of the new AMD processor to hunt down the aliens that threaten the Traveler and the inhabitants of the last city on Earth, the PRs of the Californian giant explain that ” AMD is committed to offering the highest quality gaming experiences with AMD Ryzen and Radeon products. We are aware of the recent difficulties encountered with Destiny 2 and the latest third-generation Ryzen desktop processors, in fact, we are working closely with Bungie to solve at sooner this problem so as to allow players to fully enjoy their gaming experiences on AMD platforms”.

As often happens with the launch of a technological component that, like the Ryzen 3000 CPU, promises to elevate the gaming experience on the PC, the problems of incompatibility with the pre-existing software and hardware ecosystem require software and corrective patches which, usually, are published in the days immediately following their marketing. Even the Bungie sci-fi shooter community, on the other hand, is perfectly aware of these dynamics, as demonstrated by the calm tones of the messages addressed to US developers to inform them of the incompatibility problem with the new AMD processor.

Waiting to know the timing of publication of this patch, we remind you that the expansion that will start the Year 3 of Destiny 2, Shadowkeep set on the Moon, will be available starting September 17th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with the Google Stadia version scheduled for release in November to coincide with the launch of the Big G in-game streaming service .