Destiny 2: How to Get the Evil Karma in the Tribute Room

Destiny 2 Evil Karma

The new update of Destiny 2 with Triumph Moments has introduced the Evil Karma, old rifle exotic impulses appeared in the first chapter of Destiny. Below we explain what you need to do to get this weapon in Destiny 2.

The new version of the Evil Karma of Destiny 2 is linked to the Tribute Room, a new place built by Calus to allow the Guardians to show off their triumphs.

First, you need to go to the Tanner of the Scrutineer on Nessus. Next to Werner you will find a chest that can be opened with an outlay of 5,000 Lumens: opening it, you will have access to the Evil Karma quest.

The mission will require you to reach the Tribute Hall on Nessus (found on the map, next to the Seraglio). Once you land, after talking to the Calus statue you can get bounties and tributes. To go ahead with the quest and unlock the Tribute Room you just have to choose a size to your liking and complete it.

Now that you have unlocked the Tribute Room, you can enter it to redeem your taxes. The tributes can be obtained in two ways: the first method is to redeem the triumphs in Destinations -> Secondary – The Tribute Room (where you can keep track of your triumphs), while the second method is to buy them from the Calus statue.

To go ahead with the Evil Karma quest you will need 18 tributes, to be placed inside the Tribute Hall (at the points indicated by the respective marker). With the eighteenth tribute, you will be able to unlock all the real dogs in the centre of the room and turn on the lights around the chest (which will contain the Evil Karma). To get the Evil Karma, you just need to interact with the chest and complete the mission that you have just unlocked in the ascending plan.

We report that once you have the Evil Karma, you will need 45 tributes to receive the weapon’s catalyst.

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