Destiny 2: The New Patch Introduces Moments of Triumph and Evil Karma

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The new Destiny 2 update: Renegades has finally been published and, after a very short maintenance period, Guardians from all over the world can not only access the Moments of Triumph, but also the Exotic Enterprise that will allow you to add the Evil One Karma to your collection.

The particular pulse rifle, which allows you to receive various bonuses eliminating opponents, already has a slot dedicated to the catalyst, even if at the moment you do not know the details on how you can unlock it and what are its advantages apart from the possibility of to generate Spheres of Light. To start the business you will have to go to the huge ship of Emperor Calus located on Nessus and open a specific box to the right of Werner, whose opening will cost you a few thousand Lumens.

Among the other updates of the update, we also find the Tribute Room, which will allow you to access the various triumphs and obtain exclusive rewards, and the solution to the Serraglio’s glitch thanks to which many took advantage to open the end-box again and again activities.

We remind you that in the last hours the dataminers have found some possible references to the return of the Gjallarhorn, the legendary exotic rocket launcher that allowed many Guardians to give a good lesson to Crota, the son of Oryx. On our pages, you will also find the list of rewards of the Moments of Triumph, among which there are emblems, spaceships and much more.

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