Dr. Mario World Debuts in First Place on the App Store, Complaints about Microtransactions

Dr. Mario World Is Released in July on Iphone and Android!

Published a day earlier than expected, Dr. Mario World is available on iOS and Android: the new Nintendo game has immediately conquered the top of the App Store, debuting at the top of the ranking in the Free App section.

So are you okay? Not really, because although the game has actually been very successful in terms of the number of downloads, the first controversy over micro-transactions is not lacking.

Dr. Mario World presents three different in-game currencies: Gold, Diamonds, and Hearts. The first can be obtained by playing and is used to unlock new doctors or assistants, while diamonds are purchased with real currency and can be spent for the purchase of new characters and upgrades while hearts run out slowly during games and are recharged with extremely slow times. Once the hearts are available, the inevitable Game Over will arrive, but it is possible to continue the game by reloading the hearts with diamonds, otherwise, it will be necessary to wait for their regeneration.

A free to play model very close to that of many other titles of the genre on mobile, although the game is promoted as free to start. According to Gizmodo, this is a monetization model that is perhaps too aggressive by Nintendo standards, the hypothesis is that the Kyoto house wanted to “dare” more than in the past, on the other hand, this distribution model seems to be winning on mobile.