FIFA 19: Kids Drain Their Parents’ Account to the Sound of Loot Box

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In the last hours rather bizarre news about a group of young players of the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 19 has traveled around the world, who spent a considerable amount of money on microtransactions with the aim of obtaining a specific card.

It all started when the father of the kids decided to give him a pack of cards worth about 8 pounds. It was at that time that the small players carefully observed the way in which the parent made the transaction to repeat it over and over again over the course of the next few weeks until they spent nearly 600 pounds in a loot box. Despite the considerable expense, the card that the players wanted to find was not present in any of the numerous packages purchased.

Parents didn’t realize anything for a while when they tried to make a purchase with a credit card they found the bill in red. Unfortunately, the transaction receipts were sent to an old father’s e-mail address and the card was not protected by a security pin, which made it extremely easy for the kids to buy the packs in peace. Fortunately, however, everything was resolved in the best way and, fortunately, Nintendo accepted the request for reimbursement made by the owner of the card and returned the entire sum.

However, the issue has rekindled some controversies concerning microtransactions, which can make the youngest or weakest subjects dependent. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the game has the PEGI 3+ icon on the cover, which should make it perfectly usable even by the little ones without such situations.

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