Final Fantasy 7 Remake for Xbox One Confirmed on Facebook? This Is Just an Error

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Divided Into Two Parts, Demo PSN Made Available Shortly After E3 2019?

Update: the news has been denied, the post is only the result of an error from the social media manager of Xbox Germany, at the moment there are no announcements to make regarding Final Fantasy 7 for Xbox One.

The remake will be divided into several parts, the first of which is in March 2020 on PlayStation 4. The game, however, will be only a temporary Sony exclusive, and although it was not officially announced, in the future it is very likely that it will also be available on other platforms: today a sort of indirect confirmation of the landing of the game has arrived also on Xbox One.

The official Xbox Facebook page has, in fact, shared an image, later removed, according to which the famous JRPG will be available on Xbox One on March 3rd, 2020. However, this is the release date on PS4, so it is likely that it will be an error, but the background of the image and the fact that it was promptly removed by Facebook, actually make one think that, once the Sony exclusive has expired, even the owners of the Microsoft console will be able to enjoy the return of one of the most loved chapters of the saga.