Fortnite: The Banner Brigade Set Will Also Have a Pickaxe and a Hang Glider


Some time ago there has been talking of a possible set of Fortnite Battaglia Reale probably connected to the World Cup and, in the last hours, the dataminer have discovered new information on its contents.

Unlike what was shown some time ago, the set in question not only includes a considerable amount of different models in a similar way to the uniforms of the soccer world cup, but also a hang glider and a themed collection instrument. It is not clear whether all the objects are exclusively purple or there is the possibility of changing the color, but according to the dataminer there is the probability that each of these skins has numerous alternative styles that allow players to choose their own favorite color.

At this point, there is nothing left to do but wait for the debut on the store of all these contents, which could arrive over the next few weeks.

Did you know that with the current update of the Fortnite Battaglia Reale object store the Tempesta skin made its return? On our pages you will also find a gameplay video of the Neo Versa skin, coming exclusively with some bundles dedicated to consoles and accessories for PlayStation 4.