Fortnite’s 9.30 v3 Update Did Not Convince Pro Players, Complaints and Controversy

Fortnite Season 10

The pro Fortnite players and players of the eSports circuit have not remained entirely satisfied of ‘9:30 v3 update of Fortnite published yesterday. The reason? The introduction of a new type of attack apparently too unbalanced.

In particular, the Air Attack option ended up under the eye of the storm as it was exploited by the novices to do great damage and destroy the structures quickly without any possibility of defense. A not insignificant problem in view of the Fortnite World Cup at the end of July, the community is begging Epic Games to re-balance Air Attack before the big event, but at the moment the developers have not released comments about it.

The Fortnite community is concerned about the possible excessive use of Air Attack during Fortnite World Cup and subsequent competitive events, hence the request to remove the ability or change it to make it less offensive if used by inexperienced players, who could exploit its potential to create considerable damage ruining strategies studied and tried with a lot of training.