Gamestop Does Not Fear Subscription Services: “We Will Evolve with Them”

Gamestop USA:

With the exponential growth of the digital market and the rise of subscription-based services like Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, Origin Premier and the upcoming Uplay +, life for traditional physical video game retailers have become more and more difficult with the passing of the last years.

Although the company has seemed more than once to be in serious difficulty in recent times, GameStop’s VP of merchandising, Eric Bright, said he was certain of the prosperous future of the well-known US retailer, and not at all worried about the structural changes towards which is leading the videogame industry:

No, it doesn’t bother me. GameStop is focused on gaming and the culture of gaming in general, and we will consider every way to monetize overall digital sales. We can be sure since we have 65 million members in PowerUp Rewards, and we are not so far from reaching 80% of the total US population. 

Our members know that making a partnership with GameStop regarding new ways of monetization is in their interest, so we are working hard to evaluate all new formats. subscription models emerge and evolve, GameStop will evolve with them”.

Bright also added that it expects high performance from multiple productions expected at launch in 2019 and shown at E3 in Los Angeles. Among these, of course, are the names of Pokémon Sword and Shield, Cyberpunk 2077 and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

Finally, the VP of the company has formalized a close agreement with Complexity Gaming thanks to which it will be possible to give life to the so-called GameStop Performance Center, or meeting points dedicated to eSports enthusiasts, where it will be possible to interact with the pro players to increase their own culture and knowledge about specific titles.