Grid: The New Gameplay Video Invites Us to “Race for Glory”

Codemasters Announces the New Grid, Arriving in September

In the new video game of GRID published by Codemasters, the cars of the new driving game of the English matestri of the genre devour the digital asphalt of the next chapter of this popular racing series destined to arrive in October on PC, PS4, Xbox One and, the following month, on Google Stadia.

The movie, made entirely in-engine with game scenes taken from the final title, allows us to become familiar with the layout of the new environments: at launch, those who decide to get on track to compete with other GRID players will be able to speed through the streets of ‘Havana, the Brands Hatch circuit, the San Francisco tracks and the futuristic Zhejiang Circuit .

As in every title signed by the Codemasters guys, of course also in the new, ambitious GRID special care will be dedicated to the realization of polygonal models and the feeling of driving cars like the Pontiac Firebird Modified or the Chevrolet Camaro SSX Concept , both admirable in the clips end of the gameplay trailer that you find at the top of the article.

In addition to the renewed graphics and the indistinguishable approach of the Codies in developing a driving model capable of marrying immediacy with realism, the title will also boast of enemies with the most refined artificial intelligence. Without delay, we will leave you with the new GRID movie and we remind you that, following the recent post-peak, the title will be released on October 11th on PC and consoles and for November on Google Stadia.