Hearthstone: Bunnyhoppor Is Reconfirmed among the Best, at the Grandmasters Playoffs

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This weekend there will finally be the final phase of the first season (begun last May 17) of GrandMasters, the new competitive format of 2019 designed by Blizzard for its card game.

The Hearthstone Grandmasters see the division into three regions: Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, with 16 players each for a total of 48 participants. Each region was in turn divided into two divisions of eight players each.

The players of each region faced each other in a double Italian round in Specialist format at the best of three games. The players participating in the GrandMasters were all invited by Blizzard itself based on criteria such as the total earnings in their career, the points obtained during the HCT 2018, who obtained the most points during the season, the contribution to the community and other criteria.

Among the best players in the world, BunnyHoppor also stands out, thanks to the Samsung Morning Stars which, after an almost perfect ride, managed to overcome their group stage, beating Swedish Bozzzton 2-0 as the last opponent, thus qualifying for the stage This weekend’s playoffs.

His next opponent in this new phase will be Seiko from the Genji team, strong in his second place (with a part of 10-4) obtained in group B, immediately below Hunterace. In the case of victory against Seiko, Fenomeno, the Greek player belonging to one of the most important organizations in the world, SKT1, winner of group A (the same as BunnyHopper) with the part of 11-3, will be waiting for him in the semifinals.

The German player of the Bergamo formation (already Top 4 world in Taipei ) was defeated by Phenomenon in both games played in the Group stage. In short, the journey of BunnyHoppor is about to become really arduous and full of pitfalls. If Seiko seems absolutely within its reach, the good phenomenon (it seems, in name and in fact) could really represent a big obstacle to overcome.

The Hearthstone Grandmasters will culminate at BlizzCon, where the two best players from each region and the two China Gold Series champions will compete for the huge $500,000 prize pool.