Nintendo Makes Official the Move of Switch Production in Vietnam

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Although the two sides have found a meeting point in recent days , the disagreement between China and the United States of America , which had led Donald Trump to consider an increase in goods imported from the Asian country in the US by 25%, still seems to be frightening to the great protagonists of the videogame and technological industry.

Anticipated by an agreement signed with Sony and Microsoft against the new tariffs proposed by Trump, yesterday the formalization of the first strategic move by Nintendo has arrived. The Kyoto house confirmed, through a statement from a company spokesman, that part of the production of Nintendo Switch consoles will be transferred from China to Vietnam.

Formally, Nintendo declares to have taken this decision to “diversify” the manufacturing sites, but in light of recent events, it seems quite clear that the great N wanted to take its precautions by responding to the threatening proposal of the US president.

The transfer of the Switch production will start from this summer, and for the moment we talk about a partial operation. Eventually, in the future, it is assumed that the entire work processes could move to Vietnam, with the consequent permanent abandonment of production sites on Chinese territory. At this point, it remains to be seen how Sony and Microsoft will decide to act, which may feel even more spurred on by the change after this first move made by Nintendo.