Nintendo Switch Lite Battery: Here Are All the Specifications and Durability

Nintendo Switch Lite Battery- Here Are All the Specifications and Durability

The leaders of Nintendo update the pages of their official website to illustrate in detail all the features and the battery life of Switch Lite, the new Mini version, and exclusively portable, of the hybrid console of the Kyoto company.

According to the information shared by the Grande N, the battery of the newly announced Nintendo Switch Lite will be lithium-ion and will have a capacity of 3570 mAh, lower than the 4310 mAh of the original version of Switch but only on paper.

Depending on the small size of the touchscreen and the hardware optimization performed by Nintendo with the adoption of a more performing Tegra chip and the removal of functions such as the Rumble HD, the possibility of unhooking the two Joy-Con from the body or connecting the console to your TV, the battery of Switch Lite will offer a greater autonomy of about 6 hours or even more, always with the due distinctions related to the title used: playing Zelda Breath of the Wild, for example, guaranteed autonomy drops to 4 hours.

As for the recharge time, instead, the use of the USB Type-C port will keep the 3 hours unchanged even with the “home” version of Switch to complete a complete recharging cycle of the console. The battery of Switch Lite, in any case, is not removable: if it is necessary to replace it, as a consequence, it will be possible to do so only through the Nintendo Consumer Service. On these pages, you will find our in-depth article with analyzes on the potential price of Nintendo Switch Lite.