Nintendo Switch Lite Is Official, It Will Be Released in September in Three Colors


Nintendo has unveiled Switch Lite, a console specifically designed to play Nintendo Switch titles in portable mode. The console will be available from September 20 in three different colors: yellow, gray and turquoise.

In addition to the console, it will also be possible to buy a set consisting of a case and a protective film for the Nintendo Switch Lite screen. Nintendo Switch, the top of the range of the family, arrived on the market in March 2017 and offers three different game modes: the TV mode, in which the console is inserted into the base for Nintendo Switch, the table mode, ideal for playing in cooperative or competitive mode sharing Joy-Con controllers, and portable mode. The console includes Joy controllers – with grays or neon reds and neon blue. For now, only the price of Nintendo Switch Lite for the United States has been announced: $199 (+ taxes, which change depending on the state).

Nintendo Switch Lite has built-in controls and is more compact than the top of the range version. It does not have a stand for the table mode and, being a portable console, does not transmit the image to the TV. For this reason, the package does not include a base or an HDMI cable. With the new console, you can play all the Nintendo Switch titles compatible with the portable mode, even if for some of them there will be restrictions. On the back of the game packaging, you can find information on which functions and modes are compatible with the various games.

In addition to the three colors already mentioned, from November 8th Nintendo Switch Lite will be available in a special edition Zacian & Zamazenta, with elegant cyan and magenta buttons and illustrations of the two new Pokémon Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokémon. In these new titles in the main Pokémon series, players will set off on a new adventure in the Galar region, where they will be able to capture, fight and trade newly discovered Pokémon and unravel the mystery of the legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta. The Zacian & Zamazenta special edition Nintendo Switch Lite console will be available while stocks last.