Nintendo Switch Lite: Technical Features and Differences with the Current Model


After numerous and persistent rumors, Nintendo has finally revealed to the public the new Switch Lite, a console devoted exclusively to portability. We, therefore, try to discover all the features that will distinguish this new model.

The first difference with the main console is the total absence of the possibility of connecting the device to your TV since you can only use it in portability. The screen is slightly smaller (we are talking about 5.5 inches ) but maintains the same resolution already seen on the standard model, (720p) although there seems to be no way to manually change its brightness. Even the control system consists of some differences since the Joy-Con will be integrated into the body and will present improved analogs and a digital cross formed from a single piece. HD Rumble and IR sensor are missing, which will force you to use a separately purchased Joy-Con to play titles like 1,2,3 Switch or take advantage of additional features like the ones in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eeevee. 

To benefit from the presence of a control system integrated into the body should then be the resistance of the console. Not only resistance but also the weight of the device, which has been significantly reduced, improving its ergonomics, will make it easier to transport. The battery should instead provide a range of between three and seven hours, a slightly higher result than the current model, which guarantees 2.5 / 6.5 hours of autonomy depending on the situation.

The arrival of Nintendo Switch Lite is scheduled for next September 20, 2019, in three different colors: turquoise, gray and yellow.