Nintendo Switch Online: Announced the Free NES Games of July 2019


Nintendo has announced two new free NES games that will become part of the Nintendo Switch Online lineup this month, more precisely from July 17th.

These are Wrecking Crew (a platform that inspired the far more famous Mario Bros) and Donkey Kong 3, the third adventure of the Nintendo gorillone halfway between arcade and puzzle.

Nintendo has also announced the debut of the new ” Rewind ” feature for NES games: by simultaneously pressing ZL and RL in any Nintendo Entertainment System library game it will be possible to rewind time and go back to a previous sequence, a useful feature in case of mistakes made during the match.

A July apparently not too rich for over ten million Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, the Kyoto company is working to further improve the service and it is not excluded that in the future the company will be able to cede to the requests of the community, adding to the catalog also the games for SNES.