No Man’s Sky Beyond: Does the Australian Rating Board Confirm That the Release Is Imminent?

No Man's Sky

The social channels connected to the Australian government agency in charge of certification and classification of the games in exit suggests the imminent launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One of Beyond, the next free expansion of No Man’s Sky.

Therefore, if you want to pay attention to the Australian Raging Board, you should not miss the substantial update that will integrate the support for PS VR on PS4 into the procedural universe of No Man’s Sky and, on all versions of the title, a substantial series of additions and optimizations linked to the cooperative and multiplayer .

According to the words spoken by the authors of Hello Games in recent months, Beyond’s gaming experience will contribute to making the adventure among the stars of NMS “more enveloping” , all thanks to the introduction of activities to be carried out in cooperative online and of unpublished “sharing features” to be grafted into a larger picture of missions and challenges related to the free exploration of the galaxy.