No Man’s Sky’s Father Recommends Some Strategies to Recover Anthem and Fallout 76

Anthem: Bioware Breaks the Silence, but Postpones the Cataclysm Event

Sean Murray of Hello Games has returned to speak to the press and the public at the Brighton Develop Conference after explaining the reasons that forced his studio to silence after the launch of No Man’s Sky, the British producer and game designer provides some advice to BioWare and Bethesda regarding the management of Anthem and Fallout 76.

Murray and Hello Games found themselves in a similar situation in 2016, in the days following the launch of No Man’s Sky, a title strongly hampered by the public due to the lack of some promised features over the years and more generally of a project yet immature compared to the real vision of developers.

” Actions are worth more than words, ” says Murray, who sees BioWare’s choice to minimize communications with the public as positive with a view to focusing on creating new content. ” Trying to appease the ire of the community with promises simply doesn’t work. And the possible postponement of the promised features will only complicate an already compromised situation. “

The father of No Man’s Sky reports his experience related to the game: after the fierce criticism received in the hours following the launch, he wanted to publish a long post to clarify the situation, in particular when the climate around the project was really negative, so much so having received several death threats. Murray, however, remained calm and convinced the developers of Hello Games to work hard to improve their creature, a strategy that in the case of NMS worked, managing to regain public confidence after months of silence and a rich series of updates.

This is the path that BioWare and Bethesda, according to Sean, should take, reducing to a minimum the promises and indeed working hard to solve the problems of their games.