Pokemon Go: Guide to the Raid of Mewtwo Armored, Best Attackers and Moves

Mewtwo Raid Is on Pokémon Go

Until July 31, Pokemon GO players can participate in the Mewtwo Armored Raid. In this mini-guide we explain to you how to best prepare yourself to face the Raid, indicating the best attacking Pokemon to be deployed on the battlefield to defeat and capture Mewtwo Armored.

Mewtwo Armored can be tackled in level 5 Raids from 10 to 31 July. The Pokemon can present itself with 1740 PL – 1821 PL at level 20, or with 2376 PL – 2732 PL at level 25 (boosted by the windy weather).

Since Mewtwo Armored is a weak creature in the Beetle, Dark and Ghost-type moves, the best attacking Pokemon must be able to perform these types of moves.

Best attacking Pokemon to deploy against Mewtwo Armored

Taking into account the weaknesses of Mewtwo Armored, below we list the best-attacking Pokemon to be deployed in the Mewtwo Armored Level 5 Raid, indicating for each of them the most effective moves to use on the battlefield.

  • Giratina (Original): Ombrartigli, Palla Ombra
  • Gengar: Ombrartigli, Palla Ombra
  • Mewtwo: Psycho Cut, Shadow Ball
  • Tyranitar: Bite, Crunch
  • Honchkrow: Urlorabbia, Neuropulsar
  • Scizor: Cutlery, Scissor X
  • Banette: Ombrartigli, Palla Ombra
  • Salamence: Bite, Dragobolide

By using the Pokemon listed above and making use of their indicated moves, you will be able to defeat Mewtwo Armored more easily. To make things even easier, we recommend that you form a team of 5-7 coaches, so you can join forces against the enemy. Once defeated, Armored Mewtwo can be captured and added to your team.

Recall that the Mewtwo Armored Raid will be available until July 31 and that the Entei theme day will be introduced in Pokemon GO from July 14th.