Super Mario Maker 2 Celebrates the Two Million Levels Created by the Community

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 is a success: the game debuted at the top of the rankings of many countries (including the UK) and it seems that the level of community involvement is decidedly high, as evidenced by the number of uploaded levels.

Nintendo of America has announced on Twitter the overcoming of the two million levels created, uploaded and shared by Super Mario Maker 2 players, a figure reached just ten days after the launch of the game, available since last June 28th worldwide.

Super Mario Maker 2 can also count on the support of professional game designers, the author of Celeste has created some levels then shared with other players, here are the codes to download them:

  • Banzai Bounce: Q43-GXB-WHG
  • Starlight Shells: PHP-GYT-VJG
  • Shrine of the Sacred Stiletto: 5YG-7DN-PGG
  • Desert of Despair: H8K-3B9-WDG

Did you know? Mario attended the construction of the new Milan M4 metro line during a recent advertising event organized by Nintendo Italy to promote Super Mario Maker 2.