The Division 2: Episode 1 Expedition in the Suburbs of DC Arrives on July 23rd


Ubisoft has announced that Episode 1 of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, titled Shipping to the suburbs of DC, will be available from July 23rd for holders of Year 1 Pass and from July 30th for all other players.

Episode 1 – Expeditions in the suburbs of DC, which will take the battle off the streets of Washington DC, will include new explorable locations and the continuation of the plot after the defeat of the Tidal Basin final boss. Players will have to investigate the fate of a convoy lost during two new main missions:

  • White Oak camp: Division Agents perform a well-planned attack operation against the presidential camp, with the aim of bringing the treacherous President Andrew Ellis to justice;
  • National Zoo Manning: Emeline Shaw, leader of the Outcasts, who retired after the defeat suffered in DC, is now holed up in the Zoo to regain her strength. The Agents are on his trail, ready to suppress the revival of Outcasts in the bud.

Episode 1 will also introduce a new gaming experience, called Expeditions: players will enter Kenly College, where contact with a military convoy laden with vital resources has been lost. When they receive what appears to be the last transmission of the convoy, the Agents organize an expedition to find the survivors. Shipments will be divided into 3 wings. Each wing will have a specific theme and will take place on a weekly basis. By completing all the wings players will enter an exclusive treasure room full of rewards.

The news, in any case, does not stop at all here, since the update will also introduce two Classified Tasks in the Central Aquarium of Washington and in the NSA Site B13 (only for holders of Pass Year 1), in addition to new weapons and equipment:

  • An exotic weapon: Tortoise Rifle
  • A piece of exotic equipment: BT wired gloves
  • Two weapons: LMG Stoner and Carbine 7

The release of Episode 1: Expedition in the suburbs of DC, we reiterate, will be launched on July 23rd for holders of Pass Year 1 and July 30th for all other players. Before leaving, let us remember that The Division 2 is the offer of the week on PlayStation Store.