The Lord of the Rings: The New MMORPG Will Be Developed by Amazon

The Lord of the Ring

The Athlon Games authors of Los Angeles make an agreement with Amazon Game Studios to develop the new online role-playing game The Lord of the Rings, a project announced in mid-2018 and looking (until yesterday) for publishers willing to finance their development.

The Lord of the Rings MMORPG will see the collaboration of industry veterans, with many authors, designers and programmers specializing in multiplayer titles like Everquest, Planetside, World of Warcraft and Destiny.

The title, as originally envisaged by the leaders of Athlon Games, will adopt the formula of free to play and, consequently, can be downloaded for free on PC and console (presumably PS4 and Xbox One) and then rely on an internal store with optional micro-transactions of aesthetic objects.

As for the game system and the narrative plot, the online role-playing game of The Lord of the Rings will have an active approach devoted to exploration and the cooperative and, in relation to the story, promises to cover the entire span of events in the original trilogy by JRR Tolkien, without drawing on the film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. The work on the project of The Lord of the Rings MMORPG is already in a rather advanced phase , even if the bosses of Athlon and Amazon Game Studios prefer not to unbutton themselves on the launch date of a title that will be added to the other big experiment carried out by Amazon’s gaming division, the New World fantasy MMO.