Xbox Game Pass Is a “Fair” Service for Developers Too

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass, the Microsoft subscription service often referred to as the Netflix of video games, was the subject of a panel at Gamelab 2019, where it was particularly praised by the developer Dino Patti, former head of Playdead and now founder of Coherence and Jumpship.

According to Patti, Microsoft’s service is perhaps the only fair service for both players and developers: “There are two points of view to consider in the subscription models: that of consumers and that of developers. Consumers they want as many games as possible, at the lowest possible price, but even the developers have to take into account what that particular type of agreement offers, as far as I am concerned I think the Game Pass system should be considered fair for the developers. the other business models never worked because they didn’t know what the developers actually wanted. “

But not everyone thinks like Patti. For example, the CEO of Paradox, Fredrik Wester, has a slightly different point of view, due to the interests of his studio: “Spotify pays you depending on how many times your song plays. Netflix pays you a fixed fee that depends on how much you evaluate your TV series. They are very different models, and what happens even with the Game Pass. OnLive, for example, pays depending on how many hours the game is used. Now, we at Paradox love that business model, because people play our games even for 3-4000 hours, while the Game Pass model, for us, is still valid, but we believe not being paid enough, because people play our titles a lot more than they use a single-player or narrative video game. “

What do you think of their words?