After 755 Hours of Gameplay, an 82-Year-Old Grandmother Completed Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess

That the games of The Legend of Zelda series are quite long-lived is a fact. Breath of the Wild can keep a player glued to the console for an infinite time. But the number of hours that an 82-year-old old woman took to finish Twilight Princess for the first time is a record that is unlikely to be broken.

The first run of the game in fact is completed on average in about thirty hours, a time that can vary depending on the skill of the player, the desire to explore the game world and many other elements. But this is a blink of an eye compared to the 755 hours that the grandmother gamer has spent to finish it.

The story was told by a user of reddit , this “millerischris”, grandson of the lady in question, who also proceeded to post a demonstration screenshot of the “record”. On the other hand, as they say, “better late than never”, isn’t it? And who knows if Granny is already aware of the arrival of the Link’s Awakening remake soon !

And you, do you have a grandmother gamer fixed in a video game? What is your record regarding the hours of play accumulated in a single video game?