Anthem: The New PTS Patch Is Available, Here Are the Details

Anthem for PS4 Is the New Offer of the Week on Playstation Store

BioWare has recently made available for download the new patch of Anthem’s Public Test Server (PTS), which allows PC players to preview the controversial looter-shooter news and send valuable feedback to Canadian developers before the update to be published for everyone definitively.

Thanks to this update, several bugs reported by the players and some new features have been fixed. For example, the Echoes of Reality tutorials were introduced in the tutorial section of the Cortex; a bug has been resolved where the results of the challenges were not correctly reported; rectified a problem that did not allow visualizing the strategic objectives within the Cataclysm; introduced the possibility of preserving the new Exotic Weapons inside the Forge; and daily challenges have been enabled, which will ensure you different rewards from time to time.

In addition, the development team has already identified other problems that will be corrected in the near future , and that involve the non-immediate appearance of the challenges of the challenges, and the icons of the seasonal shop that currently apply as placeholders (players must now examine each individual element to verify the correct entity of the purchasable object).

Anthem is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sean Murray, the author of No Man’s Sky, gave BioWare his advice to help him revive his shared-world shooter.