At Age 12 He Left School to Become a Pro Gamer on Fortnite With the Help of His Father

Jordan Herzog's singular story

Jordan Herzog’s singular story, an American boy who at 12 decided to leave school to play Fortnite and become one of the strongest players ever in the eSport disciplines, with his father’s blessing.

If most parents worry about their children ‘s time with video games, for Jordan’ s father this is not the case, since the boy takes eight to fourteen hours a day to train online, devoting the rest of the day to rest and a few hours of online lessons which, in theory, should compensate for the school education to which he has chosen to refuse.

The boy’s father, Dave, was one of the biggest sellers on eBay, and now he owns accessories and merchandising store related to the world of video games, thanks to which he has saved a fortune, which he is now investing to make Jordan one of the best players in the world.

Dave Herzog has, in fact, bought his son a $30,000 gaming station, and wiped out any kind of distraction, including family vacations, so that Jordan focuses only on gaming. “I raised him for this,” said the man.

“I put the first controller in his hand when he was three years old. At seven he was already very good at Halo and at ten he was the best player among his peers. At the age of twelve, he won his first tournament by overcoming players with a lot of more experience “.

Currently, the boy has already won competitions for a value of $ 60,000. To celebrate his talent, his father even gave him a Maserati complete with a personalized plate with his gaming tag, CRIMZ.

Obviously, the behavior of Dave Herzog has been rather criticized, especially at home, by the parents’ associations, and the most serious accusations that have been addressed to him even spoke of child abuse. But the man does not seem to care about it: “My son is fine, ” he says. “He learned more from video games than people learn from books.”

What do you think of this situation? Is it right for a father to cultivate his son’s talent even at the expense of education and private life, especially after the latest discussions on video game addiction?