Dying Light 2: Techland Thanks the Fans for the Support Given to the Series

Dying Light 2 Will Resemble Game of Thrones, According to Techland

For a medium-sized development company like Techland, the relationship with its users can determine the fate of the entire company and its intellectual properties: for this reason, the upper echelons of the company thank those who loved the first chapter of Dying Light and allowed them to carry out the sequel.

Asked by OnlySP colleagues about the challenges faced in the design phase of the first Dying Light and the importance of community support to the ambitions nurtured by the Polish developers with the sequel, Techland leaders explain that “since the first game we have been driven by trust in our ideas. At the launch of the first Dying Light, we were really very worried to see how the title would be received, we were trying to do a couple of different things to innovate the gameplay, like in the construction of the combat system and the approach to the open world based on parkour open-world, which basically allowed you to climb any buildings” .

“They were new ideas back then, so we didn’t know how they would be received by the community,” the Techland bosses then concluded by saying that “the reception was so warm, both in terms of sales and judgments of the critics, to lead us to trust in following our ideas and our instincts with this sequel” .

Finally, we remind you that Techland’s new open-world horror will be available in the spring of 2020 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but first we will leave you to our test of Dying Light 2 from E3 2019 and to considerations of hot ( or rather, cold, given the number of zombies present in the game) of that implacable undead hunter who answers to the name of Tommaso “Todd” Montagnoli.