Fortnite: Collect Wood From Pirate or Viking Ship, Umbrella Stone, Robot Metal


Finally, Fortnite Season 9 players can dedicate themselves to the new challenges of Week 10 . Below we show you where and how to complete the step-by-step challenge that requires you to collect wood from a pirate or Viking ship, knife stone and fork or umbrella, metal from a robot factory.

Below we list all the Week 10 Fortnite Season 9 Challenges, highlighting the one we examined in this mini-guide.

Week 10 Fortnite Season 9 Challenges


  • Use an air strike in different games (0/3)
  • It harms opponents with heavy rifles (0/500)
  • Search for seven boxes of ammunition in a single game (0/7)

Battle Pass

  • Visit signs with public utility messages in Neopinnacoli, Pressure System or Department Stores
  • Step 1 of 3: Collect wood from a Pirate Ship or a Viking Ship (0/100)
  • Eliminate enemies in Parco Pacifico or Palmeto Paradisiaco (0/3)
  • Hurts enemies with a pickaxe (0/200)

To complete this challenge in phases you will have to complete the three steps that make it up. Each of them requires you to collect a certain amount of building materials from a particular location on the map. Let’s see how to complete them.

Step 1: Collect 100 wooden units from a Pirate Ship or from a Viking Ship

The first step requires collecting 100 wooden units from a pirate ship or a Viking ship. As you can see on the map at the bottom of the page, the pirate ship is in Laguna Languida , while the Viking ship is located south-east of Spnogge Snob , on the top of the waterfall that overlooks the northwest area of ​​the polar biome.

Step 2: Collect 100 units of Knife and Fork stone or Umbrella

In this case you will have to collect 100 stone units from the knife and fork-shaped excavation, or from the umbrella-shaped excavation. The knife and fork-shaped excavation is located to the north-west of the Lethal Lands , while the umbrella-shaped excavation is to the north-west of Laguna Languida.

Step 3: collect 100 metal units from the Robot Factory

To conclude, the last phase of the challenge requires collecting 100 units of metal from the Robot Factory . The location in question is located in the center of a Pressure Plant .

If you need a visual reference to more easily identify the places from which to collect the construction materials of the challenge, you can watch the video proposed in the opening. Speaking of the other challenges of Week 10 , let us remember that on our pages we have already explained to you how to complete the challenge that requires you to visit the advertising signs in Neopinnacoli, Pressure System or Department Stores.