Gamestop USA Excited About the Announcement of Nintendo Switch Lite

Gamestop USA:

Frank Hamlin, GameStop Corporation’s Chief Customer Officer, said the company is excited about the Nintendo Switch Lite presentation, announced yesterday surprisingly and coming next September 20th.

” Nintendo Switch Mini represents a great opportunity to increase the installed base of Switch between families and the very young, as well as an excellent entry level to discover all the platforms of the Nintendo family “, these are the words of Hamlin, who said he was very confident about sales of this new console model.

If Nintendo Switch has a too high starting price for some consumers, Switch Lite is positioned in a lower range, with a retail price of $ 199 (excluding taxes) in the United States and €219.99 in Europe. Factor, that of cost, which will surely prove decisive during the next Black Friday, with offers that could allow taking home Switch Lite for 149 or 169 dollars, increasing sales ahead of Christmas.

Nintendo Switch Lite, remember, cannot be connected to the TV and is equipped with integrated Joy-Con and a 5.5-inch touch screen that maintains the resolution (720p) but increases the pixel density, thus ensuring a slightly higher visual quality than the standard model.