Google Stadia: 4000 Receipts and More Applications From the Developers

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From the PC Games Insiders columns, Google’s top management quantifies the developers’ interest in the Stadia project, revealing the high number of applications received by the Mountain View giant to enter the digital offer of in-game streaming services.

As shown to the public of Develop: Brighton 2019 by Google Technical Account Manager Sam Corcoran, in fact, “we received more than 4000 requests from companies, developers and software houses interested in becoming Stadia Partners, and each request is examined by a human being”.

Stadia Partners is the program through which independent developers and industry majors can access the tools necessary to integrate their titles into the Google Stadia cloud play library , as Corcoran himself points out, reminding us that “it is the most immediate opportunity for the developers, is a program that allows you to present your game being developed to Google, and this allows us to create and manage a broad spectrum support plan that works for your title, gives it the right visibility and adapts to the rest of our catalogue. We are always looking for new games and ideas, so we absolutely want to talk to any of you interested”.

Many companies have already confirmed their adherence to the program and, more generally, to Google’s long-term vision based on game streaming. Among the many software houses that will enrich Google Stadia’s digital catalogue since the launch of the service, scheduled for the month of November, there will be, for example, Ubisoft, Bethesda and Larian Studios, with an interest shown by other giants in the sector such as Electronic Arts and Take-Two.