Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Guide to Character Stats, Which Ones to Upgrade?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

After having introduced you to the different professions of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, in this mini-guide to the mobile game of Niantic we talk about the statistics of the character. By explaining what they are for, we will help you to understand which statistics you should develop based on your style of play.

In order to optimize the use of Scrolls and Spellbooks, below we describe all the character stats that can be enhanced in Harry Potter: United Wizards, helping you to prioritize those best suited to your profession and your style of play.


Power indicates the amount of damage the character is able to deal with enemies. By developing this statistic you will increase your ability to damage your opponents. You will start with a power level of 20. We advise all players to upgrade this parameter sufficiently.


Defence reduces the damage suffered when being attacked by the enemy. You will start with a defence percentage of 0%. Given that Defense works against all sources of damage, it is worth investing in it to develop it, but not before having increased Resistance and unlocked high priority nodes.


Resistance indicates the amount of damage a mage can suffer before passing out. It starts at a level of 100. Strengthening the Resistance will increase the chance of survival in the Fortresses (in this regard, on our pages you will find the guide to the Fortresses of Harry Potter: United Wizards ). We advise all players to reach a good level of resistance, so as to prepare for the most demanding challenges.

Power Protego

Protego Power means damage reduction suffered when Protego is successfully launched. This statistic is expressed in terms of the percentage of the damage that is reduced. It starts with 25% of Protego Power. Power Protego is not an urgent defensive statistic to be developed, so we advise you to consider it later, after giving priority to the most important ones.

Overcoming Defenses

Overcoming Defenses indicates the decrease in defense of the enemy in combat. Increasing this statistic will decrease the Defense of the enemies, making them more vulnerable in battle. Overcoming Defenses is an interesting statistic, but we advise you to develop it only later, giving priority to the main statistics.


Accuracy increases the chance that a successfully cast spell will turn into a critical roll. It is expressed as a percentage, and all the characters start with 5%. Accuracy is important for all professions, especially for Aurors, whose ability to inflict damage is heavily influenced by critical launches.

Critical Power

The Critical Power indicates the amount of additional damage inflicted when a critical roll is obtained, and for this reason, it binds together with the Precision. It starts with 50% of Critical Power. We advise you to strengthen it only later, without giving it a particular priority at the beginning.

Competence power

Competence Power indicates the increase in damage inflicted on opponents when the player has a competence against that enemy (for example Teachers vs Curiosities, Magizoologists vs Animals, and so on). It starts with 20% Competence Power. This statistic is not a high priority, although it significantly increases the damage inflicted in favorable scenarios.

Defense Weakness

The Defense Weakness points out the increase in Defense when the fighter is weak against that enemy, allowing to increase the Defense in the scenarios where he would suffer more damage. It starts with Defense Weakness 0%. Even this is not a high priority statistic, but we advise you not to neglect it.

Initial Concentration

Initial Concentration indicates the amount of Concentration available at the start of a Magic Challenge. By increasing it, you will be able to take more advantage of your skills within these challenges. It is worth enhancing it.

Maximum concentration

Maximum Concentration indicates the maximum amount of Concentration you can have during a Magic Challenge. Having more concentration is always better, so increasing the maximum amount at your disposal always remains a good move.

Making a summary, the statistics that increase the damage inflicted are Power, Overcoming Defenses, Accuracy, Critical Power and Competence Power. The statistics that reduce the damage received , instead, are Defense, Power Protego and Defense Weakness. Therefore, based on your profession and your style of play, the advice always remains to privilege the statistics that are best suited to you.