In the Kitchen With Zelda Breath of the Wild: Recreate All 78 Dishes in the Game on Video!

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Polygon’s colleagues have tried to respond to one of the most recurring curiosities among the fans of The Legend of Zelda: what do the dishes of Breath of the Wild taste like?

In the video that you find at the bottom of the news, those Polygon jokers have followed to the letter the indications provided in the blockbuster for Switch and Wii U by the authors following Eiji Aonuma and put themselves at the stove to find out if the foods in the game really deserve all the hearts of Salute and the Resistance boosts given to Link during its digital raids against the creatures that infest the lands of Hyrule.

The rules to which the authors of this “culinary experiment” have had to follow are many: it was not possible to add ingredients to the original recipes (so no salt and pepper, where they are not expressly indicated) and they had to cook everything inside of a wok or a pan, that is the only tools available to Link.

The results obtained are rather encouraging: the vast majority of the 78 recipes present in the game are not simply “edible” (and God forbid!) But fully satisfy the palate thanks to daring combinations and the dear, old simplicity, from the flattening cooking techniques. Each dish was judged on the basis of a hypothetical scale of up to 10 Hearts, plus additional “bonus” Hearts in relation to the surprise linked, for example, to the excellent results achieved by dishes that present unusual combinations of ingredients. Who knows what delicacies we will taste together with Link in Zelda Breath of the Wild 2!

In this regard, we recall the cookbook dedicated to Zelda has recently passed the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that will allow its creators to publish it by the end of this year.