Neon Genesis Evangelion: Mobcast Announces the Development of a Mobile Game

Neon Genesis

The upper echelons of Mobcast, a Japanese development company specializing in anime video game transpositions, confirm that they are working on a video game linked to the heavy intellectual property of Neon Genesis Evangelion : the project will arrive in 2020 on iOS and Android mobile systems.

Despite the choice of proposing this important project on portable platforms, the Mobcast leaders ensure that the title will be given the utmost attention to offer us a playful, graphics and narrative experience comparable to that of video games on PCs and consoles.

If from the point of view of the game mechanics we have not been given any reference on the genre and on the approach adopted by the Japanese authors, the story related to the plot is quite different, with Mobcast revealing that it wants to draw full hands from Neon Genesis Evangelion and, above all, want to include some material from the Rebuild of Evangelion films . More information on the game system and history will be communicated later by the Japanese team.

Meanwhile, we leave you with this interesting in-depth article that traces the history of the best video games of Neon Genesis Evangelion to highlight those titles that have come and gone in the 25 years of Hideaki Anno’s anime saga .